Welcome to our imagination!

theFanstasmatique is the place where stories unfold in colors, sounds, fairytales, dreams and bubbly feelings. Here is where you can daydream for as long as you like. We don’t have milk & cookies (yet!) but we’ve got plenty of original artwork.

We’re a group of dreamers who love to return to childhood with pencils, words and watercolors. Just like you, our imagination has no boundaries and we love to fill it with your ideas too. Just drop us a line or two.

theFantasmatique Collaborating Artists

Ion Andrei Puican
Writer, illustrator and digital artist. His motto is:”Because there is so much beauty in the world, I wanna be a part of it”. First of all, he is a storyteller, in love with stories and bringing them to life.

Doina Zavadschi
Visual storyteller skilled in video editing, 2D animation and illustrations. Painting since she can remember. Children's book illustrations are her most favourite.