Using Visa/Mastercard

ALL CARD PAYMENTS ARE PROCESSED OVER A SECURED/ENCRYPTED CONNECTION, USING A 3D SECURE TECHNOLOGY (verified by VISA and Mastercard SecureCode) provided by Netopia mobilPay. Link to Netopia mobilPay here: Mobil Pay Site

The default currency for our prices is based in LEI (RON - Romanian currency). For an easier usage of our Website and purchasing our products and/or services, we have added EUR and USD currencies for our customers ordering from abroad.

The exchange rate we use on our Website is the official one established by the National Bank of Romania on the current day of your purchase. Feel free to check the NBR’s website for more info here: BNR Site

Please note that your commercial bank may apply a small exchange fee for your order. This may be the case if your bank (that issued your credit/debit card in a currency other than LEI) is using a higher exchange rate than the NBR (National Bank of Romania). We are sorry for this inconvenience, but a matter like this is out of our control and management, being managed and therefore charged (if it is the case) not by us but by your commercial bank. 

Please note to always check your commercial bank’s exchange rate policies for EUR-RON rate before ordering.