We take big care of each order and this might take a little longer than your patient. When ordering, bear in mind that your order might take 3-8 working days for all “in stock” products, from the point the order and the payment is confirmed.

If you want a pre-ordered product, please check the shipping time listed individually on its product page. 

ROMANIA (online payment with debit/credit card):

Our orders are shipped with FAN COURIER in Romania. After your order and payment are confirmed, it will take 3-8 working days to get to your door (except busy-busy days like Black Friday, the days before Christmas or Easter, and so on). If there is a delay, do not get upset, just check their website to track the order using the AWB we provide. If you need any help with that, just drop us a line. 

Same-day or next-day deliveries are impossible for us because we’re just a couple of friends that cannot handle so much pressure.   

  • INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (online payment with a credit card):

The orders are shipped with an international courier and it might take 9-14 working days, depending on your location. Please bear in mind that there are some periods like Black Friday, the days before Christmas or Easter or any other special occasions that are extremely busy for postal or delivery services and it can take a little longer for the package to get to your door after your order and payment is confirmed. 


Delivery cost is calculated during checkout and it is established by the dimensions, weight, and destination of the package that include the ordered items. The shipping cost will be included in the final amount. 


Please be aware of the additional cost that can appear as a result of the delivery of our products and/or services (import duties and/or taxes, VAT, or others) and are not included in the original price you see on our Website. These additional costs are related to the country in which our products and/or services are to be delivered. Our recommendation is to check your country policy regarding the import duties and/or taxes for products delivered from Romania. In the event of additional taxes or import duties for our products, those are to be paid by you in the country of delivery. If you don’t accept the payment of those additional import duties and/or taxes, the products and/or services will be returned, the returning fees being supported by you in full (you will receive from us the value of your order from which we will subtract the initial shipping cost and return delivery cost).


You can return the physical product(s) within 14 days of receiving it. After the 14 days period, you will not be able to return our product(s).

The digital products can't be returned.

In order to return our product(s) we ask you to send us an email at the address hello@thefantasmatique.com with your order number and your invoice information, including the name of the product(s) you wish to return. Following your email, we will send you a confirmation response and the next steps for you to follow for the returning process. After the receipt of the returned product(s), we will establish their wholeness and/or if the product(s) were damaged and/or deteriorated in any way (even partially) or bear the marks of usage and if it is the case, we reserve the right to refuse the full or partial amount of the returned product(s). The entire returning delivery expenses will be supported by you.

We will return in full the order amount in the sole case of any mistake or fault from our part (wrong size, model, or color than the original order).


Because we are a small business we do not accept goods exchanging. If you initially ordered a specific product(s) we will not accept the exchange of that product(s) with any other(s) from our Website and/or services. If you want another product(s) from our offer, you will first have to return the initial product(s) (see the entire return policy) and/or place another order for the new desired product(s).


We do not accept any cancellation of the order(s). If you have any problem(s) with your order please drop us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can.


Even if we are careful and our delivery service provider is one of the best, sometimes the items can get damaged during shipping. If this happens, please provide a picture of the damaged item and the packaging showing the deterioration. We hope that this will never be the case for you.